At the Boys & Girls Club of Henderson County

Andy serenading the guitar class

“Fifth Friday Jam Session”

Getting everyone playing!

Tyler leading his drummers

Tyler & crew performing for “Family Night” on August 17, 2017

Peggy Ratusz talks with young singers

Preach Jacobs leads Lyricism workshop

Shannon explaining the trumpet

Learning about the trombone

Getting sound out of the horn

Club Band is fun!

The Mobile Music Lab on site at Dana Elementary School

Playing some jazz for the students

Trying out the drums

Robin explaining the drum set

Mobile Music Lab’s drum station

Robin demonstrates the rain stick

Andy demonstrates the ukelele

Andy talking to eager young guitarists

Shannon tells how the bass is played

Dana students listening to Shannon

Trying out the trombone

Shannon teaching about the brass section

HCMC Sponsors the Joy Of Jazz Festival

Working on improvisation

Hitting the chorus strong!

Listening to each other and creating

Tips for the rhythm section

Clinicians Jacob Rodriguez, Steve Alford, Shannon Hoover, and Ben Bjorlie

Instruction at Hendersonville Community Music Center

The Piano Lab at Hendersonville Community Music Center

HCMC’s Guitar Lab

Drum Sets of all sizes

Hand Drumming Class at HCMC

Orff Instruments and Bells