Mobile Music Lab

The Mobile Music Lab is HCMC’s signature program, intended to bring music directly to those that might not otherwise have access to classes. The Lab includes a team of three teachers, as well as an inventory of a dozen guitars, electric and acoustic basses, three drum sets, hand drums, and brass and woodwind instruments. See our Get Involved page for information about booking the Mobile Music Lab.

Rock Band

The Kid’s Rock Band blends basic music instruction on guitar, bass, and drums, with the joy of creating music, giving students the opportunity to play together, and rock out!


Guitar instructors Andy Jurik, Dan Keller, and Andy John teach at the Boys & Girls Club of Henderson County with beginning guitar classes for 3-5 graders, and intermediate classes offered for teens. Classes cover a range of styles from jazz to funk to rock and classical. Contact HCMC if you are interested in private lessons.


Shannon Hoover is one of the most in-demand bassists in the Southeast, as well as being a prized instructor at USC-Upstate, Furman University, and the Hendersonville Community Music Center. Contact HCMC for information about group or private bass lessons.

Drum Set

Drum Set classes are taught by Nik Hope and Robin Tolleson. Classes explore the different instruments that make up the drum kit, introduction to rhythm, and how to put it all together and get playing. Contact HCMC for class times.

Hand Drums

Renowned percussionist Tyler Housholder teaches hand drumming at the Boys & Girls Club. He teaches about the various drums — djembes, doumbeks, tubanos, bongos, congas, and frame drums. He focuses on learning how to hit a drum to get a proper tone, teaches several different orally based rhythms, and gets even first-time students playing together, listening to each other, and enjoying making music! Contact HCMC for class times!


Basic piano and theory are taught at the Boys & Girls Club by Shannon Hoover, and classes for beginners are also offered at the Hendersonville Community Music Center by Stephen Klein. Contact the HCMC director for class times, and private lessons if desired.


HCMC created band classes at the Boys & Girls Club in the summer of 2017, with the intention of creating an active, performing Club Band. Shannon Hoover teaches students basics of music theory and introduces them to a range of band instruments including trumpet, trombone, tuba, saxophone, clarinet, flute, and strings. Robin Tolleson helps with the percussion section. Call for class info.


Voice classes were begun in the summer of 2017 at the Boys & Girls Club of Henderson County. Asheville vocal coach (and seven-time “Best Of WNC” winning singer) Peggy Ratusz teaches students about proper breathing, ear-training, pitch control, and movement, while working with a fun, modern repertoire. Contact HCMC for information about class times and private lessons.

Lyricism / Songwriting

The HCMC helps the Boys & Girls Club with its “Lyricism 101” class during the summer, held in the facility’s Teen Center. Rappers Preach Jacobs and Jonathan Santos, and songwriters Sarah Tucker and Juan Holladay gave tips about the creative process of writing and performing. Contact HCMC for future class times.

Music History / Spinterview

Music journalist Robin Tolleson has interviewed more than 250 iconic musicians over his 35-year career, including Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock, Sheila E, Whitney  Houston, Ginger Baker, Phil Collins and Robert Cray. The Spinterview is a unique DJ-styled mash-up of music from his vinyl vault and bits of interviews with legendary names from all musical genres.

“Joy Of Jazz” Rapid Response Team

HCMC offers its team of jazz experts to local band programs for a one-day tuneup — a quick lesson in intonation for the saxophone section, for example, help with a particular tricky unison line in the trumpets, timing hints for a challenging rhythm section part, or dynamic cues for the trombones, our musical “rapid response team” of teaching professionals can make a difference in a hurry.